The Problem

As per a report published by a famous media house, 94% of engineering graduates were found unfit for hiring. The condition is scarier if you talk about the graduates from other streams. Now you add a week economy to this equation, what you will get will be a problem of colossal scale. Millions of unemployed college graduates.

At RWS Learning when we did a Root Cause Analysis of this problem, we found that the problem has two legs. 1st it is poor alignment of theoretical knowledge with industry-specific practical application and 2nd it is the inability to present the learning acquired over the college years in a structured and captivating manner.

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The Solution

We at RWS Learning have a two-pronged approach to the problem of unemployment among college graduates.

  1. We first work on the alignment of their theoretical knowledge with industry-specific practical application. [Industry sensitization sessions]  [Talks by industry experts]  [Customized profile of prospective employers]
  2. Parallelly we work with the students to enable them to present their academic learning in a structured and captivating manner. [English Proficiency (As per ILR 3)]  [GD, PI, and Web Interview]  [Employee profile creation and correction]  [Business Communication]

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The Third Step Program – Batches & Available Seats

15th September - Morning Batch (Total Seats:30)
15th September - Afternoon Batch (Total Seats:30)
1st October - Evening Batch (Total Seats:30)
1st October - Afternoon Batch (Total Seats:30)

The Team

A unique solution requires a unique team. At RWS Learning we have a team which is as unique as our solution. The entire team is divided into three categories. First we have a team of some top class corporate trainers. Then we have a team of psychologists who help us add the element of emotional intelligence in our sessions. And finally we have an amazing panel of industry experts.

The entire team is led by Shivendu Chatterjee, a Dale Carnegie Master Trainer and an authority in the field of organizational development, who has led extremely impactful sessions for names like Google, Ernst & Young, Cargill, Radio Mirchi, IIT Kanpur, IIT Delhi, FMS Delhi and IIM Lucknow.

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